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* What is SuPando?

The SuPando applications is a medium through which local communities are able to collaborate and communicate with each other in a decentralized peer-to-peer system.

Based on the premise that all human beings exist in physical locations, and commonly live within distributed communities, the SuPando app aims to provide a platform for communities to freely engage through information share to further enable local discourse.

* What is your policy on security and privacy?

You may want to review the SuPando privacy and data policy documents via the following links;

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Data Policy

At SuPando, we take security and privacy very seriously, and as such we have put security and privacy affairs firmly in the hands of the individual users and the community clusters they participate in.

As a rule, we do not request for information beyond what is absolutely necessary to provide the service we offer. We do not share your information with any third party entity. And We do not track your location, and others are not able to track your location data.

In addition to the above, users are able to improve security by; Managing personal exposure to communities in settings; Curtailing recalcitrant users, by blocking their contents, their visibility of your contributions and by reporting inappropriate content; and by communal collaboration to improve security in clusters.


* On what devices is it available?

SuPando is currently in Beta testing mode on Android mobile devices and in Alpha testing on IOS devices.

* Who is it for?

The SuPando is designed to be used anywhere; so long as you live within a community.

* What kind of content can I expect to see on the app?

As the service is designed to enhance community collaboration around physical locations, we can expect contents shared to be related to locations and relevant to the individual communities. This could range from a report of what others can see on happenings nearby, to the offerings made available at your local bakery shop.

* How is it different from other social media apps?

At SuPando, we believe the majority of peoples lives are centred around a handful of places and the information about places are mostly relevant to the community around those places. Our platform was designed to enhance localized community collboration any where, world wide. No other social media app does this!


* Can we follow groups?

Yes, you can tag and follow the community around a location. Additionally, you are able to find and follow local champions,

* Can we invite friends and family?

Yes, you can invite friends and family to follow you and also joing your cluster if they are also nearby your location.

* Where can we use it?

SuPando can be used anywhere worldwide.

* What is SuPando about?

SuPando is a location based social platform that allows users to engage with community and track events around key points of interest

* Who is it for?

SuPando is for everyone who lives close to anyone and would like to know what is happening nearby. Business users would also find it an invaluable tool, as it allows businesses to engage with their local community, allowing savings on post bills, direct mail and intrusive and costly marketing campaigns.

* How is it different from other social media Apps?

SuPando is a peer to peer decentralised social platform that is designed around events at locations. Events in this case would constitutes any significant information relevant to a location.

* Whats the source of the SuPando events?

As a peer to peer social application, SuPando is driven by individuals in a  community for the community. Information is created and shared by localised contributors.

* How old is SuPando?

SuPando as a company was established in 2017. However, the project has been under development since 2015.

* Is it available on my device?

SuPando is currently under development for Android, IOS devices as well as desktops via the SuPando website. In the future, we hope to deploy the application on the common operating systems e.g. Mac, PC etc.

* Where is SuPando based?

SuPando was established in London, and although a duly registered company in England and Wales. The application would be usable world wide.

* How do you make money?

Currently, we do not make money. We are passionate about what we do and are hopeful that as more people use the application, we would introduce value added services that would be purchasable by individuals, businesses and organisations.

* What are your thoughts on internet privacy?

By design, as a decentralised peer to peer social platform, users exist in clusters distributed by location. By this fact alone, communities are only made up of locals, and each user has a communal responsibility to ensure network security by identifying and reporting contraventions made by other users. Additionally, individuals are able to secure own account by adjusting stealth settings. On an admin level, we promise not to share user data with any third party unless were express permission is given by individual users. We do not store user information beyond the necessary data required to provide a basic service.

* Would you process takedown requests?

Users have the ability to remove own content, should they feel the need to. Additionally, were content is reported and reasonable grounds is evident, we would make every effort to remove such contravening content.

* Would you process data requests?

As prescribed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force from 25th March 2018, users have the right to request for a  copy of the information that is held about them, and SuPando is obliged to process such requests.

* * What makes SuPando clusters cool?

SuPando clusters simply makes sense because it allows users to get information on happenings nearby their special locations, even when they are not physically present at the location.