SuPando is a location driven social media application, propelled by the premise that human beings exist as a vital unit in their physical ecosystems, which they also own jointly with others in same communities and by that fact have a responsibility to collaborate within, for the betterment of all entities within and without.

It is a social media application distributed by location and driven by users for their respective local communities. Through the SuPando network, users would be able to check-in at favorite places and track the chatter on location-based events as they happen. Additionally, users can engage with other local users, getting informed and following feeds by community champions depending on interests.

People would use SuPando to:

  • 1.Track events at multiple locations of interest
  • 2.Keep informed on community chatter
  • 3.Drive local discourse
  • 4.Collaborate with people in same location
  • 5.Grow reputation in community
  • 6.Benefit from community relations
  • 7.Develop local businesses opportunities, and
  • 8.Enhance security

Through Peer-to-Peer collaboration, our unique platform will drive decentralized and autonomous social information sharing amongst users for their local networks.

SuPando Features

  • 1.Localized Content
  • 2.Community Driven
  • 3.Security
  • 4.Network Fluidity

Use Cases

Personal User

  • 1.See and tell
  • 2.User Generated Content (UGC)
  • 3.Get Latest event update.
  • 4.Get informed on local deals.
  • 5.Follow community champions.
  • 6.Collaborate with community.
  • 7.Track multiple clusters.
  • 8.Engage with community Local gossip.
  • 9.Explore nearby anytime
  • 10.Build reputation

Local Businesses

  • 1.Garner followership.
  • 2.Communicate with your customers.
  • 3.Send out promotions to local potential customers.
  • 4.Save on customer engagement
  • 5.Target potential customers immediately.

Social Service

  • 1.Engage with local community.
  • 2.Run social campaigns.
  • 3.Information notice boards.
  • 4.Build security networks
  • 5.Develop Community channels